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When words are not enough!

'A picture paints a thousand words' - Sometimes we can't find the words to express how we feel and sometimes words can get in the way - Sandplay offers a different form of communication and works gently, in a simple yet profound way to bring about healing and change.

What is Sandplay? - Sandplay is a form of Creative Therapy based on Jungian psychology which believes that we have within us the resources to bring about personal wholeness, enabling us to find peace within ourselves and relate better to the outside world

What happens in Sandplay? - The Therapist will offer you the chance to make a picture,image story or sculpture in a box of sand, known as the sand tray. There will be a variety of small objects for you to choose from, which you can use to make whatever you choose and what feels right for you. Or you may just choose to sculpt in the sand, adding water if you wish or leaving the sand dry.

The therapist will not urge you to talk during this time, but will provide the safety, space and freedom for you to express whatever you wish.

Sometimes people worry that they will feel embarrassed or foolish or that what they do may be judged in some way - This will never happen, and any initial embarrassment soon passes. The Therapist does not analyse or interpret what has been placed in the tray but will usually take a photograph of the tray, and when the process is complete may review the photographs with you.

Sandplay has sometimes been described as a 'waking dream' and works at both a Conscious and

Unconscious level. It is primarily used in conjunction with talking therapy while at the same time relieving the pressure of feeling that you have to find something to say.

Is it right for me? - Sandplay Therapy is not right for everyone but can be very effective if you feel

  • Anxious or Worried
  • Depressed or Insecure
  • Have Relationship Difficulties
  • Lack Self Confidence or Direction in Life
  • Have suffered Trauma or Abuse

Both Adults and Children can benefit from Sandplay Therapy

Your Therapist will be able to advise if she feels that Sandplay is right for you but you will always have the choice to do a Sandplay or not.


A Sandplay Image

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