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All About Counselling

Counselling is based on a relationship of trust between you and your Therapist

Counselling involves talking and listening

Counselling proceeds at your pace and is concerned with your needs

Counselling helps you look at issues you may be facing now, and may link up with events in your past or your childhood to reach greater self - awareness

Your counsellor will show empathy and acceptance whilst remaining non - judgmental

Counsellors are highly trained to listen attentively and to help you find your own answers without giving explicit advice

Counselling is undertaken within a confidential relationship, free from the pressures of everyday life.

It offers a safe and private place where can speak about issues and feelings that may be worrying or difficult for you.

Counselling can be for just a few sessions or some months

It is all about you, giving you a chance to share your own worries, fears or anxieties and helping you to find your own answers and reach your full potential

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